CCUG 10975 - Bacillus atrophaeus

Strain Details

Depositor: ATCC, Rockville, USA
Passport: N.R.Smith NRS 1221A
Bacon Labs.(red strain)
Deposit Date: 1980-01-08
Other Collections: Smith 1221A;IFO 13721;ATCC 9372;NCIB 8058;CCM 4624;CIP 77.18;DSM 675;
ID Method: CCUG<Api 50CHB, Api 20E, CFA(FAME)
Test: Hot air sterilization control, bioindicator
Name Change: Formerly Bacillus subtilis, 'Bacillus globigii'|Bacillus subtilis var.niger
Remarks: Variation in colonial morphology and pigmentation occur(Selection of colonies for pigment enhancement is not advised(ATCC catalogue))
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