CCUG 11444 - Escherichia coli

Strain Details

Depositor: B.Kaijser, PHLS, Göteborg, Sweden
Passport: K.Lincoln, Göteborg, Sweden
Örskov, Copenhagen, Denmark in 1966
Deposit Date: 1981-08-01
Variant: O144:K-:H-
Other Collections: Örskov 1624-56;CNCTC Eck 249/65;Kauffmann 1624-56;
Comments: Comment in NCTC Catalogue 1994 'NCTC 11181=1624-56<B.Rowe, PHL Colindale in 1977/Replacement for NCTC 10091, previously deposited in 1960, now discarded, which was found not to be O144'
Remarks: Keratoconjunctivitis-positive

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