CCUG 14345T - Fusobacterium periodonticum

Strain Details

Sample Origin: USA, Buffalo
Source: Human periodontitis, 17-yr-old male, diabetes
Depositor: J.Slots, OMGS, Göteborg, Sweden
Passport: ATCC(ampoule provided by J.Slots)
Deposit Date: 1983-01-01
Other Collections: EK-1-15;ATCC 33693;Slots EK-1-15;JCM 12991;
ID Method: CCUG<GLC, to be characterized further
Conditions Remarks: Blood agar, anaerobic, 37°C, 24h
Remarks: Checked by the depositor
Literature Reference: J Dental Res 62:960-963,1983|IJSB 34:270,1984

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