CCUG 17932 - Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Strain Details

Sample Origin: UK
Source: Human sputum
Depositor: DSM, Göttingen, Germany
Passport: NCTC
R.Sutherland, Beechams, Betchworth, Surrey, 1970
Deposit Date: 1985-09-23
Other Collections: DSM 1299;2134;NCTC 10701;CCUG 4625#;
Test: Carbenicillin assay [8127][8128]
Resistance Features: Data for antibiotic paper disc zones available
Name Change: May be known as Pseudomonas ellsworth(or elsworth)
Remarks: Replacement for NCTC 10490 (Ellsworth 1973, ATCC 23389, IFO 12582) according to NCTC catalogue

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