CCUG 18375 - Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica

Strain Details

Source: Human food poisoning
Depositor: NCTC, London, UK
Passport: Lister Institute, 1920
Deposit Date: 1986-01-23
Variant: Serotype Typhimurium, ag. formula 4, 5, 12:i:1, 2. Rough ?(DSM)
Other Collections: Mutton;DSM 5569;ATCC 13311;NCTC 74
Name Change: Received as type strain of Salmonella typhimurium|Formerly listed as Salmonella choleraesuis subsp. choleraesuis
Metabolism: [13937]
Test: Quality control according to DIN 58959-7 (DSMZ)
Remarks: Formerly erroneously listed by CCUG as equivalent to CIP 60.62
Literature Reference: J gen Microbiol 139:113,1993.IJSB 37:465-468,1987

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