CCUG 19915 - Candida albicans

Strain Details

Source: Bronchomycosis
Depositor: DSM, Göttingen, Germany
Passport: ATCC
C.W.Emmons, NIH 3147
Deposit Date: 1987-01-02
Variant: Serotype A(ATCC catalogue)
Other Collections: DSM 1386;CBS 6431;ATCC 10231;IFO 1594;NCPF 3179;NCYC 1363;
Test: Assay of amphotericin B and nystatin.Acceptable as control for chlamydospore testing/germ tube test(I.Dawson), [13846]
Applications: Sterility testing
Remarks: May be grown on blood agar at 30°C.Morphology is representative for the species(I.Dawson)
Literature Reference: Can J Microbiol 20:1241-1245,1974|J Pharm Sci 60:1087-1088,1971

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