CCUG 20309 - Clostridium difficile

Strain Details

Sample Origin: UK, Birmingham, The General Hospital
Source: Human clinical specimen
Depositor: D.W.Burdon, Birmingham, UK
Deposit Date: 1987-03-01
Variant: Serotype A, SDS-PAGE profile unknown(M.Delmée)
Other Collections: Burdon 8864;The so-called CCUG 8864;
ID Method: CCUG<Api rapidID32an, Api Zym, CFA(FAME)
Toxins: High levels of toxin B|No toxin A|Toxine A negative, toxine B(in vitro) positive(M.Delmée)
Conditions Remarks: Blood agar, anaerobic, 37°C
DNA Sequence: gb AF271719(cdtA, cdtB), gb AF053400
Remarks: A well documented strain with aberrant cytotoxin setup(J.F.Torres)
Literature Reference: JMM 21:293,1986,JMM 35:40,1991|Infect Immun 60,1992

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