CCUG 20853 - Microbacterium sp.

Strain Details

Sample Origin: Sweden, Gävle
Source: Human broncheal fluid, 66-yr-old woman
Depositor: H.Gnarpe, PHL, Gävle, Sweden
Deposit Date: 1987-06-25
Other Collections: Gävle R4365
ID Method: CCUG<Traditional phenotyping, Api Coryne, Api Zym, CFA(FAME)|E.R.B.Moore-L.Svensson<16S rRNA seq
Name Change: Formerly listed as M.paraoxydans, Corynebacterium, EF Group 111, and Microbacterium mainz
Remarks: May belong to new Microbacterium species,99.8% similarity to CCUG 63924

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