CCUG 20997T - Mycobacterium kansasii

Strain Details

Source: Human fatal case
Depositor: M.Ridell & A.Lind, Univ. of Göteborg, Sweden
Passport: ATCC, 1966
Deposit Date: 1987-08-25
Other Collections: Ridell MS424;MS424;ATCC 12478;Pollak G133;TMC 1204;
Conditions Remarks: Löwenstein-Jensen slope, aerobic, 37°C, 5-10days
ID Method: K.Molin<HPLC
RNA Sequence: GenBank M29575 [6559]
Restriction: =Not listed as Class III pathogen by ATCC, but should be manipulated carefully
Remarks: No growth on blood agar

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