CCUG 23150 - Caulobacter vibrioides

Strain Details

Sample Origin: France
Source: Water
Depositor: C.Bissuel, LRA, La Balme-les-Grottes, France
Passport: F.Gollet/Gallay?
C.R.Pierre Fabre, Castres
Deposit Date: 1988-09-13
Other Collections: LRA 14.02.88;LMG 11145
ID Method: CCUG<Classical phenotyping, Api 20NE, Api Zym, CFA(FAME)|S.Wernersson<16S rRNA seq
Metabolism: Esc+, ONPG+, No C-assimil.
Name Change: Formerly listed as Sphingomonas - EF Group 21
Taxonomy Remarks: Novel species ? very close to Caulobacter vibrioides
Remarks: Similar to CCUG 23148 and CCUG 23149

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