CCUG 32696T - Leuconostoc gelidum subsp. gelidum

Strain Details

Source: Beef, vacuum-packaged
Depositor: D.Janssens, LMG, Gent, Belgium
Passport: NCFB, 1990
Shaw and Harding
Deposit Date: 1994-03-09
Other Collections: NCFB 2775;LMG 9850;Shaw and Harding SML9;DSM 5578;
ID Method: CCUG<Api rapidID32strep, Api 50CHL, 16S rRNA partial gene seq pending
Conditions Remarks: MRS agar 22-30°C?
Name Change: Formerly listed as Leuconostoc gelidum
Literature Reference: Int J Syst Evol Microbiol,64:1290-1295,2014

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