CCUG 32981 - Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus

Strain Details

Sample Origin: France, Lyon
Source: Human vaginal leucorrhea, 18-yr-old woman
Depositor: Y.Brun, Lyon, France
Deposit Date: 1994-05-20
Variant: Antigenic type:a5/h2/m/(K1K2)/(2631)/(o):Oeding GrĂ¼n system
Other Collections: Brun A5454;Lyon A5454;CRS A5454;A5454;
Metabolism: The only toxine produced was TSST-1(Elisa and PCR-gene detection).No enterotoxin (A, B, C, D, E) detected(Elisa and for B, C, PCR)|Exfoliatin toxin was not searched
Resistance Features: Non typable (international set of phages), Methicillin-S
Remarks: Turist from the Netherlands.TSS occured at the 5th day of periodic flux.The patient cured after 12 days of suitable therapy

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