CCUG 3352 - Acinetobacter calcoaceticus

Strain Details

Sample Origin: USA, Iowa
Source: Soil, enrichment with n-hexadecane
Depositor: J.M.Shewan, NCIB, Aberdeen, Scotland
Passport: R.E.Kallio
E.M.Linday, 1960
Deposit Date: 1974-03-01
Other Collections: NCIB 9205;#H.O.1;ATCC 14987;LMG 1056;Hugh 2338;CIP 66.33;DSM 1139;
ID Method: CCUG<Api 20NE, selected tests, Ac-rpoB gene seq
Name Change: Formerly Achromobacter sp., Micrococcus cerificans and Bacterium anitratum
Taxonomy Remarks: Genomospecies 1 (CIP)
Remarks: Atypical in some characteristics(P.J.M.Bouvet)
Literature Reference: IJSB 18:207-229,1968

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