CCUG 33927 - Actinomyces novel species

Strain Details

Depositor: K.-J.Hammarström, Göteborg, Sweden
Passport: P.E.Kolenbrander, USA, 1991
Deposit Date: 1995-02-13
Other Collections: Kolenbrander A;T14V;Hammarström A;PK A;
ID Method: CCUG<Api rapidID32strep, Api coryne, 16SrRNA and Act-metG gene seq
Conditions Remarks: Chocolate agar, CO2, 37°C
Name Change: Previously listed Act.viscosus
Taxonomy Remarks: Reacts with Fillery cluster 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 sera|Genospecies 2
Remarks: fimbrial structural protein type 1 subunit gene [6558]
Literature Reference: Critical Reviews in Microbiol 17:137-159,1989

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