CCUG 34292T - Alloprevotella tannerae

Strain Details

Sample Origin: USA
Source: Human gingival crevice of adult with gingivitis
Depositor: P.Pienta, ATCC, Rockville, USA
Passport: L.V.Moore, VPI, USA
Deposit Date: 1995-04-20
Other Collections: VPI N14B-15;CIP 104476;ATCC 51259;NCTC 13073;
ID Method: E.R.B.Moore-L.S.<16S rRNA
Conditions Remarks: Chocolate agar, anaerobic, 37°C, 7 days.Extremely fastidious|Growth factors needed.Growth may be slightly stimulated by presence of Staphylococcus
Remarks: CONDS:CIP-428
Literature Reference: Int J Syst Bacteriol 44:599-602,1994

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