CCUG 36651 - Pseudomonas stutzeri

Strain Details

Sample Origin: Sweden, Äspö
Source: Water, bore hole KAS03
Depositor: K.Pedersen, Inst.f.Gen.Microbiol., Göteborg, Sweden
Deposit Date: 1996-08-29
Other Collections: MMGS IRB31I
Isolator: Isolated by aerobic and anaerobic incubation with Fe-III-citrate without NO3
Conditions Remarks: Blood agar, aerobic, 30-37°C
ID Method: CCUG<Phenotyping, Api 20NE, FAME
Taxonomy Remarks: Belongs probably to Pseudomonas stutzeri genomovar 3 [17919]
Remarks: We do not suggest renaming of the strain to Pseudomonas chloritidismutans

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