CCUG 39500T - Helicobacter pylori

Strain Details

Sample Origin: Australia
Source: Human gastric antrum
Depositor: J.Tang, ATCC, Rockville, Maryland, USA
Passport: NCTC
C.S.Goodwin and D.I.Annear
Deposit Date: 1998-06-12
Other Collections: RPH 13487;ATCC 43504;NCTC 11637
Conditions Remarks: Blood agar, microaerophilic, 37°C
Test: Quality control for Api products
Taxonomy Remarks: Not an equivalent to CCUG 17874=CCUG 15815B=DSM 4867
Remarks: Appears as an easily grown strain of H.pylori
Literature Reference: IJSB 35:223-225,1985,IJSB 37:68,1987,IJSB 39:397-405,1989

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