CCUG 44857 - Escherichia coli

Strain Details

Sample Origin: Germany
Source: Human HUS
Depositor: S.Brynestad/Y.Wasteson, NVH(FMN/NMH), Oslo, Norway
Passport: H.Schmidt, W├╝rzburg, Germany in 2001
Deposit Date: 2001-02-05
Variant: O157:H7 (depositor)
Other Collections: Schmidt 3538/96(Dstx2::cml);
Restriction: German hazard group 2, a virulence factor has been deleted in a wildtype strain
Conditions Remarks: Blood agar or LB agar with chloramphenicol [13910]
Metabolism: stx2 gene replaced with cat gene
Test: Recommended O157
Remarks: Considered a safe and convenient test strain for analysis of O157:H7 verotoxin (or shiga toxin)
Literature Reference: Appl Environ Microbiol 65:3855-3861,1999
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Phenotypic features in ENX

Api ID32E: 515 115 115 255 515 515 115 251 111 111 11 10
Tests MORPH: 1211 1 35451

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