CCUG 8233 - Yersinia enterocolitica subsp. palearctica

Strain Details

Sample Origin: Sweden, Malmö
Source: Human feces
Depositor: A.Forsgren and S.Winblad, MAS, Malmö, Sweden
Deposit Date: 1979-05-01
Variant: Biovar 4; Serotype 3 reference
Other Collections: My O;CCUG 4586;IP 134;
ID Method: CCUG<Classical phenotyping, Api ID32E, Api 20E, CFA(FAME), 16S rRNA seq
Metabolism: Rhamnose-, indole-
Test: RQCS
Name Change: Formerly listed as Yersinia enterocolitica
Remarks: This is the dominating serotype in homo, porcine, ovine
Literature Reference: Methods in Microbiology 12, AP 1978

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